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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

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Marketing Attribution Tool BETA

Marketing Attribution Tool is based on years of our experience in marketing and e-commerce investment optimization. We want to help everyone opposed to throwing money out of the window for unnecessary online advertising and technologies.

  • In the latest version, you can select the Data-Driven Attribution model Markov (order 1 - 5). Shapley value model is currently in development.

  • For comparison, we also provide "standard" attribution models: First Click, Last nonDirect Click, Linear.

  • We offer experimental solution for measuring "True Direct" traffic as well.

  • Access to the BETA version is available exclusively to the participants of our workshops (Prague) at the moment. If you cannot attend our workshops, send us a message.

Data Driven Attribution visualizations

What is BETA version of Marketing Attribution Tool?

We translate our knowledge and best practices (acquired and documented over time), into simple marketing applications, BETA versions of which are available for free at our workshops.

BETA version is a software product that has most of the bugs fixed already. However, it is still partly unstable and its behavior not 100% reliable.

We debug all our applications and continuously document the discrepancies during their use as part of the FAQs on our website.

We proudly claim, that all the reasons for our applications' instabilities so far have been 100% linked to erroneous data inputs (the quality of input parameters is always your responsibility, see the description of our data processing below).

However, this does not mean that you can't discover a legitimate development mistake.

If you encounter any problems when working with our applications and do not find the answer in a documented FAQ, please email us in order to find a solution together.

Data processing within our applications

  • Our apps are hosted within the Shinyapps.io platform.

  • Shinyapps.io is the official RStudio platform (PaaS), enabling visualization on top of R scripts.

  • Shinyapps.io is currently hosted on Amazon's Web Services (AWS) with data infrastructure in the us-east-1 region. We do not store any user or web data, ie. the application is GDPR ready.

  • Shinyapps.io is secure-by-design. Each Shiny application runs in its own protected environment and access is always SSL encrypted.

  • Several independent instances are created based on the number of currently logged-in users working with the application.

  • Multiple instances never share the authorization token, local data or database.

  • Only you can access the results and all processed data at application's instance runtime.

  • Processed data and the resulting visualizations are temporarily "stored" in the virtual machine (specific instance of the application) memory.

  • After closing the application, all input data and results are lost unless saved locally beforehand. The memory of the virtual machine is emptied on exit (closing the browser window, surpassing the inactivity limit, etc.)

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