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You want to try DEMO of our application which can calculate Data Driven attribution modeling?

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What is the difference between the DEMO version of the DDA application and the BETA version?

The main difference is the possibility of own definition of traffic sources (in other words, channel grouping, more information here), thanks to which you can classify the sources of traffic, to which the conversion according to the selected attribution model will be assigned. This function is only in BETA version.

  1. Only one option of channel grouping (GA default) that cannot be changed can be used within the DEMO version.

  2. In addition, the DEMO contains random data. Testing Data Driven Computing can be done even if you do not have a Google Analytics account set up appropriately.

  3. Within the BETA version, which is accessible only to participants of our workshop, it is possible to choose several channel grouping options:

  4. Google Analytics default channel grouping

  5. "detailed" channel grouping.

  6. Custom channel grouping = custom definition of traffic source according to your preferences.

In the case of working with attribution marketing investment modeling, one of the keys to success is the correct classification of channel resources.

What DEMO of Marketing Attribution Tool is capable of?

  1. Complete instructions how to work with the Marketing Attribution Tool can be found here.

  2. Implementation of ClientID custom dimensions into Google Analytics is required.

    • For instructions how to implement a custom ClientID dimension using GTM, click here.

  3. Based on your Google Analytics data, Marketing Attribution Tool assigned conversions (goals/transactions) to marketing channels by different attribution models:

    • Model DDA (Markov)

    • First Click

    • Linear model

    • LastClick nonDirect.

  4. According to the calculation result it is possible to identify directly in the application if there is any big difference between the results of individual models mentioned above. If so, you have a great chance in  marketing budget optimization.

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