Manual: ClientID implementation

By implementing a ClientID custom dimension in to Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager, you can use our DDA application to easily calculate Data Driven Attributes on your GA data.

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Our Simplified ClientID Implementation Guide

in 2 steps:

1. Set up a custom dimension in Google Analytics

  • To create a new custom dimension in Google Analytics, you must have editing rights to the desired GA account.

  • Then, in the Settings tab of the “Property” column, click “Custom dimensions” -> “New custom dimension”.

1.1 Creating a "ClientID" dimension in Google Analytics

1.2 Final form of custom dimension

  • Pay attention to the correct setting of the scope of the new dimension:

    • ClientID = user scope

    • For correct setting in GTM (see below), note the index of the created dimension, in my case

      • Client ID = 1

2. Set “ClientID” in Google Tag Manager

To set up GTM to send with each visit “ClientID” is very simple (you will also find a picture guide below the text):


  1. Create a "Custom JavaScript Variable", which will be called "ClientID Variable."

  2. Insert the script below:

    • function() {
        // Modify customDimensionIndex to match the index number you want to send the data to
        var customDimensionIndex = 1;
        return function(model) {
          model.set('dimension' + customDimensionIndex, model.get('clientId'));

  3. Paste the correct number of your custom dimension from GA in the script (var customDimensionIndex =)

  4. Consequently, you only need to modify your "Google Analytics variable", which you are currently sending to GA (you do not create a new tag)

    • Scroll to the desired Variable ->

    • More Settings -> Fields to Set -> Set Field Name to "customTask" and Value to "{{ClientID Variable}}" -> Remember to Publish Changes :-).

The result of proper ClientID implementation

All done :-)

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